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Event | Building an Agile Mindset

Posted on LinkedIn | 22 February 2021

Our guests Klarna, HSBC and BNY Mellon explain how Building an Agile Mindset accelerates their digital transformation

There’s never been a more important time to develop personalised products and services which meet your customers’ needs. Today’s technology and realtime data feeds make this an exciting time for traditional and challenger banks.

Yet many banks struggle to keep up to speed, held back by outdated processes and ways of working.

In our online round table - ‘Building an Agile Mindset’ - we’ll be asking experts from traditional and FinTech banks to share their experiences of accelerating digital transformation.

  • Which innovation technologies drive a diversified product and service offering?

  • How do you translate an omnichannel vision into market leading customer experiences?

  • How does agile working improve collaboration and unlock the potential of your teams?

We’re delighted to put these questions to our panellists:

  • Sai Man, Head of International Marketing, Bank of NYMellon, Hong Kong

  • Lisa Gorski, Head of Agile Marketing, HSBC, London

  • Randy Heyrowsky, Organisation Development Manager, Klarna, Stockholm

In this 60 minute session, at 12:30 - 13:30 UTC on Tuesday 2nd March, we set the scene, hand over to each panellist for their reflections, then open it up for your questions.

To step ahead, please register here.

This round table will be free to attend.

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