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Partnering up with #genAI consultants Beyond The Obvious

Exciting news to share! We're proud to announce that Burn the Sky is partnering Beyond The Obvious, a #genAI consultancy founded by Singapore based Markus Leonhard Keiper - a kindred spirit immersed in Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation - and Lisbon based Michael Alf - a tech and automation entrepreneur.

The mission is to help clients tackle specific business challenges and navigate longer-term business transformations.

Every week, Beyond The Obvious runs a super concise genAI highlights briefing here on LinkedIn. In just 15 minutes, we cover breaking tech news, updates on our genAI solutions, and genAI use cases.

If you’ve got a question about getting started with genAI, upskilling your team or sense checking how to scale, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with to find out more.

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