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Digital Transformation

In our 10 years, we’ve developed a tried and tested learning formula which our clients use to embed new digital capabilities into their businesses to optimise performance.

Our Learning Formula









Capabilities Benchmarking

We start by benchmarking your current digital maturity against industry competitors, and digital skills for staff to identify areas for improvement and investment in skills development.  Repeat use of benchmarking allows us to monitor improvements in both digital capabilities and skills resulting from our bespoke Exec Education programmes.

Customised Course Design & Delivery

Based on results from step 1, we create programmes combining world-class frameworks, case studies and interactive experiences, delivered through guided, structured learning to solve your real-world challenges.
Learners leave our programmes with roadmaps and prototypes they can apply immediately.


  1. Serving your digital customer

  2. Using technology, data and automation

  3. Bringing your teams together

  4. Creating an innovation culture

Ongoing Community Based Learning

Education to Execution

Peer-to-peer learning doesn’t stop once the programme ends.  Our learners stay connected by joining our network of like-minded, ambitious and curious professionals from around the globe through our Burn the Sky community.  


We are a community that solves problems and shares best practices, keeping members connected and supported with 24/7 access to a wealth of digital wisdom.

Each of our programmes defines the business challenge you face, and sets specific practical outcomes for your teams to meet. 


We work with you to monitor the enhanced performance of those who attended our programmes to make sure learnings are applied to your business.

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