Winning Over Your Customers and Colleagues with Digital Transformation

Originally posted on LinkedIn | 29 January 2019

Digital Transformation sits on the Board meeting agenda for most businesses in 2019. Consultants talk about digital roadmaps. ‘Experts’ blog about it. Disruptors which have managed break-out growth at the expense of competitors swear by it. But what does Digital Transformation really mean?

Keeping up to speed with rapid shifts in customer behaviour, the relentless innovation from technology providers, and tactics of competitors can make this a confusing area. Businesses winning over their customers and aligning their teams focus on three core principles.

Put the Customer First

The old adage in retail 'the customer is always right' is true for all businesses. Without the customers' needs in mind, we can get carried away creating products and services which appear cool, but fail to improve the customer experience and meet a customer need.

Many business waste resources and damage their reputations to taking an ‘inside out’ approach - investing in the features their execs and agencies rate highly without taking the time to understand customer’s needs, habits, or frustrations, the ‘outside in’ approach. Whether it’s gathering feedback, creating customer personas, or examining browsing and shopping data captured already, ask yourself whether you are really putting your customer first. Remember, while satisfied customers can like, share and recommend, unhappy are more likely to do all that and more to voice their dissatisfaction with your business.

Just ask: Are really putting your customer first?