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Empower your team to drive Digital Transformation.

Are your customer experiences falling short of their expectations?

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Here's how it works

 Our solutions are designed to translate knowledge into execution

We do this by creating bespoke transformative learning experiences

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Co-create team-based learning experiences that energize and empower your teams to succeed

Bring in world-class industry experts who contribute as guest speakers

Blend frameworks, case studies, interactive experiences, and reflection

 Create safe places to learn and experiment with new ways of problem-solving

We know that digital skills courses are often heavy on concept, light on practical application.  

Our approach is to develop digital capabilities by solving your real-time business challenges which we scope as Action Learning Projects.  We’ve helped clients develop Action Learning Projects for digital platforms, product launches, and in-house learning academies. Our digital experts and implementation partners help you bring your projects to life.

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Here are our most popular programmes. We can customise these to meet your business needs.


Digital Business Strategy


Customer First Marketing


Innovation Management


Data Driven Decision Making




Why Burn the Sky?

Invest your time for maximum

business impact

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Format Live Webinar Week 6-8 weeks Office Hour 3 Office hours Guest Speaker 2-3 guest spea

Customised Course Design & Delivery

Online Accelerators

Face to Face Sprints

We offer a range of customised learning journeys for cross-functional teams to ensure that you get the shared learnings you need: face-to-face or online.

Designed to Solve Your Business Challenges

Customised approach designed to meet the specific needs of your organization

We understand that every organisation is unique and has its own set of challenges. That's why we work closely with our clients to identify their specific business challenges and tailor our training program to address them.

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Bespoke Learning Paths Based on a Digital Audit 

We design bespoke learning paths based on a digital audit of your business. We help businesses to demystify digital, adopt an experimental mindset and deliver world-class customer experiences.  

Understand their needs & deliver innovative solutions

Our Clients & Partner 

 We pride ourselves on building strong long-term relationships.  Our global clients and partners from a wide range of industries and sectors - are at the heart of everything we do


Our Clients

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Our Clients

What our clients are saying?

''Pay the money, do the course, open your eyes, learn, read and execute where possible''

''This course gives you great examples and opportunities to listen and interact with some excellent speakers to help you on your way. I would explain this will not work, unless you are all on board and willing to change and survive."


Rob Haycox

CEO, Plannatech, UK

Burn the Sky

Learn how investing in digital skills propels your career, and the fortunes of your business. Share some information about yourself, and we will contact you shortly.

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