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Profile | Florian Ahle
Strategy, Culture & Innovation Partner


Strategy, Culture & Innovation Partner

"If you keep doing what you always have done ... you will soon be left behind." 


Florian Ahle is not a typical futurist, he is a “NOW”-ist: What trends, skills and business relevant innovations do we recognize today that will bring competitive advantage tomorrow? How can companies become “futureproof” and empower their employees today to be successful tomorrow? What does my customer need tomorrow - and not aware yet? What can I start today?

Florian is a founder type ( - focused on digital transformation, strategy and marketing innovation. For +7yrs as an innovation evangelist at Google, +14yrs in brand marketing and product development at BMW Group, he has a deep 
expertise working with global companies & premium brands in their transformations.


As a Business & People Futurist, Florian brings a unique view and proven experience in business and strategy consulting, works as global Evangelist in innovation culture and is highly engaged for diversity and inclusion. Florian is a long term executive partner and member of the advisory board of Burn The Sky.  Google Digital Academy | Lead Trainer for Exec Digital Transformation, Brand Activation, Data Driven Marketing 
Emeritus Institute of Management | Course Leader on Digital Business / Strategy for Cambridge University Judge Business School


Direct to client workshops, sprints, keynotes (selection): 

  • Executive “CXO Master Classes” - bespoke Board & VP Leadership experiences on Digital Business, Transformation & Strategy

  • Brand & Strategy Sprints: Digital Business Labs, Brand Activation, Brand Re-Positioning/Mission Quest

  • Insights Labs, Innovation Sprints, Innovation Culture

  • New Leadership, Future of Work, New Work, Successful Teams

  • Automotive & New Mobility Keynotes 

  • DEI “IamRemarkable” Sessions

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