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Burn The Sky produces and facilitates face-to-face workshops and e-learning courses that allow teams to digitise their business and marketing strategies. With five CPD accredited courses and more on the way, we provide the framework that can take your work to the next level. We customise each course based on the company and the teams' needs, creating a training experience that works as hard as your team does. 


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We want you to get the most out of our workshops, which is why we take our core learning process and distill it down for our workshops, focusing it on your team's learning needs. 

We assess your team’s existing digital skills, from foundation, to intermediate, to advanced in order to identify and qualify each member of your team’s digital knowledge.


Using the assessment data, we build a bespoke workshop to cater to your exact needs, selecting the best fits across our workshop options, learning modes (face­to­face or online),levels (foundation, intermediate or advanced), and duration (1 or 2 days).

We nurture long term relationships with our clients, offering them access to our extensive library of workshops. With post-­session evaluations and digital health checks, we aim to offer you ongoing support and solutions to your evolving digital needs.


Just a Few Favourite and Top Rated Workshops

Digitise Your Business

  • B2B Digital Transformation

  • Data Strategy

  • Digital Banking Masterclass

  • Digital Business Strategy 

  • Digital Leadership Bootcamp

  • eCommerce

  • Internet of Things

  • Visual Solution Mapping

Digitise Your Marketing

  • B2B Marketing Masterclass

  • Agency Partners

  • Content Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Mobile Marketing

  • OmniChannel

  • Social Media

  • User Experience


For a flexible learning experience

We offer bespoke learning, tailoring each workshop or webinar to match your industry sector, professional level, and cultural and geographic needs. We collaborate with our clients to meet their learning objectives within the hours, days, or credits they need. To make learning with Burn The Sky even more flexible, we offer our courses online, face to face, or through a combination of both.


On-Premise Trainings

Our face-to-face workshops help clients learn the core digital principles, apply them immediately to their businesses through group exercises, and reflect on implications through discussion. Our immersive in-house sessions deliver prototype digital solutions for your teams to develop.


Your Time, Your Way

To meet the needs of clients who require on-their-terms learning time, we offer a range of online, interactive learning options, which feature online chat, online campus-based group work, and learning assessment for managers to review.


Create What You Need

To meet client's workflows and product launch plans, we offer a mix of other learning services. These include any combination of:

  • Webinars

  • Seminars

  • Events

  • Guest Speakers

  • Podcasts with Rob

  • E-Learning subscriptions

Sample Workshop Overview

See a sample of what our workshop's look like at a glance

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Our digital workshops explore the techniques and processes which your business needs to embrace to be effective in the digital age. Some of the concepts that we ways of working and collaborating that cover will fit neatly into your ways of working. Others will not: they point to new are crucial for how your teams should be working.


In each case, participants work in teams and benefit from peer­to­peer learning, rather than learning in isolation.


Our approach reflects the reality of working collaboratively in the digital world.

Our Approach

Here's our Workshop Objectives and Key Learning Outcomes for our Content Marketing workshop

our workshops are fast-paced and highly interactive with an emphasis on relevance and immediate applicability


we combine learning, activities, and discussion. 

LEARNING Each topic will be introduced with concepts and frameworks, illustrated with use cases from global markets.


ACTIVITIES We’ll be inviting you to work in teams on group exercises through the two days. The exercises will immerse you in creating innovative content and campaign ideas to refine and amplify your launch plans.


DISCUSSION The workshop is a safe place to think expansively, share new ideas and be open to making mistakes.


Where some workshops simply teach the principles of digital marketing, Burn The Sky takes a PRACTICAL approach which is based on TEAM BASED learning. Our clients learn the principles and apply them to real-world marketing situations, through group projects,  through shared online simulations, through face to face group activities.


We ask participants to bring a ‘test and learn’ mindset and a desire to challenge their assumptions – about customer insights, how digital channels work, about how they can work with others to create groundbreaking customer experiences in the future.

Content Marketing

Here's our Workshop Objectives and Key Learning Outcomes for our Content Marketing workshop

brand storytelling in the digital age


Today’s customers do not want to be sold to. Instead, they are looking for objective opinions from their peers and from impartial influencers whose views they trust. The internet and social media platforms allow customers access to this information 24/7, across all devices.


This workshop provides a content marketing blueprint for business to plan, deliver and optimize content plans which influence the influencers, and build long-term customer loyalty.



  1. Develop digital content marketing which delivers an ‘always on’ presence

  2. Assess your existing content marketing capabilities using our scoring matrix

  3. Identify your customers’ digital media behaviour, and the role of influencers

  4. Produce a content plan and content calendar using multiple content formats

  5. Deploy tracking tools to maximise ROI

What's next? 


In the constantly changing digital field, keep on top of new skills, trends, and opportunities. 

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