Our Approach

our workshops are fast-paced and highly interactive with an emphasis on relevance and immediate applicability


we combine learning, activities, and discussion. 

LEARNING Each topic will be introduced with concepts and frameworks, illustrated with use cases from global markets.


ACTIVITIES We’ll be inviting you to work in teams on group exercises through the two days. The exercises will immerse you in creating innovative content and campaign ideas to refine and amplify your launch plans.


DISCUSSION The workshop is a safe place to think expansively, share new ideas and be open to making mistakes.


Where some workshops simply teach the principles of digital marketing, Burn The Sky takes a PRACTICAL approach which is based on TEAM BASED learning. Our clients learn the principles and apply them to real-world marketing situations, through group projects,  through shared online simulations, through face to face group activities.


We ask participants to bring a ‘test and learn’ mindset and a desire to challenge their assumptions – about customer insights, how digital channels work, about how they can work with others to create groundbreaking customer experiences in the future.

Our Most Popular Workshops

learn more about our most popular workshops and their objectives and learning outcomes

Content Marketing

Data Strategy

Digital Banking

Digital Business Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Transformation


Mobile Marketing

Social Media

User Experience

Visual Solutions Mapping

Content Marketing

brand storytelling in the digital age


Today’s customers do not want to be sold to. Instead, they are looking for objective opinions from their peers and from impartial influencers whose views they trust. The internet and social media platforms allow customers access to this information 24/7, across all devices.


This workshop provides a content marketing blueprint for business to plan, deliver and optimize content plans which influence the influencers, and build long-term customer loyalty.



  1. Develop digital content marketing which delivers an ‘always on’ presence

  2. Assess your existing content marketing capabilities using our scoring matrix

  3. Identify your customers’ digital media behaviour, and the role of influencers

  4. Produce a content plan and content calendar using multiple content formats

  5. Deploy tracking tools to maximise ROI

Data Strategy

translate your data into competitive advantage


There should be no excuses wasting marketing budgets.  Free analytics tools help you measure and optimise your campaigns to deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time, on any device, at every stage of the customer journey.  


Yet many businesses lack the capabilities to capture accurate customer data, build valuable customer insights, share with other departments, and translate data capabilities into competitive advantage.



  1. Understand what you can measure, and the most efficient tracking tools

  2. Explore fusing your primary data with third party data to extract rich insights

  3. Grasp the GDPR privacy legislation essentials to build trust in your business

  4. Harness the power programmatic, machine learning to drive automation

  5. Introduce methods to deliver constant performance optimisation  

Digital Banking

develop and optimise your digital banking channels


Based on data about rapid shifting customer behaviour, commentators say that we need banking, but we do not need banks.  This workshop will give you the confidence to shift from being reactive to proactive in how you tackle digital. Using the world’s leading banking and FinTech case studies, we examine best practice in digital banking: planning, implementing and optimising your digital banking channels.



  1. Key innovators and technologies driving the digital banking revolution

  2. The value of digital channels in attracting and engaging your customers

  3. How to deliver excellent digital user experiences on site and in-app

  4. Steps to proactively plan and deliver integrated ‘digital first’ campaigns

  5. Processes for measuring and fine-tuning performance to maximize digital ROI

Digital Business Strategy

digitise your business, people, and processes


Over the past decade, technological innovation and digital transformation has disrupted customer-facing and business-to-business organisations. The impact of digital goes beyond marketing, technologies and platforms: it disrupts traditional business models and challenges them to introduce product and service innovations. This workshop will give you the confidence to launch and expand your digital business.



  1. Identify new digital business models, products and services opportunities

  2. Adopt an agile working culture to hire, train and retain top talent

  3. Plan and manage profitable digital processes across business divisions

  4. Make robust investment plans for digital technology and analytics tools

  5. Grasp digital leadership skills to get ahead and stay ahead in your career

Digital Marketing Strategy

build profitable customer relationships


Today’s digitally connected customers demand great service, 24/7, everywhere.  

This workshop combines learning best practice digital marketing principles with group exercises which apply the principles to your live digital marketing campaigns.   


This workshop will give you the confidence to understand the digital behaviour of your customer, to select and use the most effective digital channels to reach and  build profitable relationships with them at every stage of the customer journey. We will examine techniques to and measure and optimise digital performance.



  1. Improve knowledge about digital marketing and trends

  2. Identify the challenges digital presents to your industry, and key disruptors

  3. Shift your teams from reactive to proactive digital campaign planning

  4. Illustrate best practice in digital marketing across the customer journey

  5. Adopt a test and learn mindset to constantly maximise digital ROI

Digital Transformation

customer-first innovation and agile collaboration


As the marketplace continues to evolve rapidly with digital technologies, changing customer expectations and increased competition, the relationship between the customer experience and commercial performance has become more important than ever before.


Today's businesses need to focus on constant experimentation and rapid iteration to stay ahead of the competition.  Our Digital Transformation Workshop explores techniques and processes which drive velocity at Google, Amazon and other digital disruptors. Some of the concepts that we cover will fit neatly into your ways of working. Others will not: they point to new ways of working and collaborating that are crucial for how your teams should be working to thrive in the digital age.



  1. Understand how today’s digital disruptors operate and innovate

  2. Define a customer-first digital vision for your business

  3. Identify obstacles to change and tackle poor management processes

  4. Adopt an agile mindset and short-cycle iterations essential for innovation

  5. Embrace  a ‘move fast, fail fast’ culture to hire and retain the best talent


fast-track techniques for eCommerce success


Today’s digitally connected customers enjoy exceptional customer experiences on-site and in-app and from eCommerce giants Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. This sets a great expectations for all eCommerce businesses.


This course will give you the confidence to understand your omnichannel customer and what they value most.  Using retail, financial services, travel, media and B2B case studies we help you assess and optimise your eCommerce platforms.  We focus on attracting high value customers, increasing transaction frequency and order value, and improving conversion.



  1. Grasp the technologies driving the eCommerce and mCommerce revolution

  2. Improve eCommerce experiences through User Centred Design and UX

  3. Examine the ingredients of high performance Ecommerce sites and apps

  4. Map customer journeys to target and retarget high value customers

  5. Learn the techniques to track and optimise your Ecommerce performance

Mobile Marketing

deliver world-class mobile experience 


Mobiles have transformed how, when, and where we interact with brands, and with other customers. Consumers ‘get’ mobile.  Yet many businesses are yet to deliver mobile-friendly user experiences for your users to find, access, purchase and share your content quickly and easily.


This workshop will give you the confidence to use our framework for developing customer-led mobile strategies, invest in the most effective mobile channels and optimize performance.



  1. Grasp the key trends in mobile devices, platforms, technologies, data

  2. Understand customers' mobile behaviour along the route to purchase

  3. Deliver ‘responsive’ sites matching tech requirements of multiple devices

  4. Use analytics to maximise traffic, downloads, clicks, purchases and shares

  5. Build consensus across the business for long term mobile success

Social Media

leverage social channels to build loyalty and advocacy


Social Media is transforming how consumers engage with brands.  This trend presents a unique opportunity for businesses to build a presence on social platforms like never before. By listening to social media conversations, brands can learn what customers find most engaging and use this as the basis for creating high impact content to build customer loyalty and advocacy.


This workshop will give your the confidence to devise and implement a successful Social Media strategy.  We focus on the core techniques, illustrated with case studies from social media pioneers including Amazon, ASOS, Coca-Cola, GoPro, HSBC, Jaguar, John Lewis, L’Oreal, M&S, Net-a-Porter, Unilever.


  1. Attract, engage and nurture conversations across the customer journey

  2. Assess your existing social media capabilities using our scoring matrix

  3. Optimise YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social channels

  4. Produce a social media plan and calendar using multiple content formats

  5. Deploy planning, listening and optimisation tools to maximise social ROI

User Experience

create world-class, user-centered sites and apps


Delivering a quick, easy, intuitive User Experience (UX) has become critical for businesses seeking to grow and retain a satisfied customer base. Today’s digital customers are time-short and demanding: 40% will abandon a site if pages take more than 3 seconds to load.  


Using our UX framework, this workshop will give you the confidence to understand your customers’ needs and apply a rapid prototyping method to User-Centered sites and apps.



  1. Understand your customers’ needs and what they value most through usability research

  2. Develop on-site customer journey maps to provide relevant, targeting content across repeat site and app visits

  3. Adopt User-Centered Design (UCD) principles to deliver world class UX

  4. Build low and high fidelity wireframes and rapid prototyping

  5. Learn techniques to design and run usability testing sessions

Visual Solution Mapping

transform how you tackle challenges


Drawing is a visual language which helps people of all backgrounds to understand their achievements and tackle their challenges.  Drawing is also a powerful medium for teams to approach a future shared goal or challenge. In teams, we draw a visual journey map through an imagined landscape, drawing our way to our goal.  We will use drawing as an agile thinking approach to problem solving.


This workshop will give your team the confidence to share and solve team challenges in a collaborative and creative way.  The output is a shared visual representation of your challenge which can be used to unite all contributors and other stakeholders, in the workplace and on social channels.



  1. Solve problems in a unique, creative and collaborative way

  2. Produce a visual map of your team’s unique goal, and ways to achieve it

  3. Understand with clarity participants’ individual strengths and challenges

  4. Create a strengthened team identity and feel united behind a single vision

  5. Implement a long term plan, combining short term goals


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