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Updated: Apr 27, 2020


Reinventing Customer Service for the Digital Age

This spring's burning topic is Customer Service: what it means today and how it can impact the digital sphere. Digital transforms how businesses provide market leading service to their customers; the internet and social media platforms allow customers access to product and service information 24/7, across all devices. This trend forces businesses to reinvent how they retain users, and increase their lifetime value. We have worked through these concepts in our latest workshops, highlighting major players in the Customer Service game. Alongside our "Demystifying Amazon" webinar for partners Emeritus, we've created and a series of workshops on "Reinventing Customer Service for the Digital World". This will be hosted on our content hub to provide insights and use cases. Interested in a Customer Service workshop for your team?

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New Digital Banking Workshops

Burn The Sky is broadening its involvement the banking sector. Our latest work with the team from Dubai Islamic Bank focused on Digital Leadership in the Financial Services industry. The advent of digital technologies (mobile devices, social media platforms, cloud, big data and analytics) is dramatically disrupting all omni-channel banks. As a result, the relationship between C-Suite execs and their digital planning, execution and analytics teams has become more important than ever before. Our Digital Leadership workshop explores the techniques and processes which drive velocity at the FinTechs, who 'test and learn' working methods challenge many traditional banks. Want to know more about this workshop?

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Burn The Sky Expands to Oman

We at Burn The Sky are thrilled to announce our expansion into the Oman market with our latest partner, New Metrics. New Metrics is a management consultancy and training institute dedicated to organisational effectiveness. They specialise in creating custom-designed, innovative and practical solutions that focus on employees and customers.

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New Centre Launched to Meet Digital Banking Skills Gap :

The London Institute of Banking & Finance launched The Centre for Digital Banking & Finance on March 28, inviting Rob Thurner on as Associate Director. The Centre brings together a network of subject matter experts and practitioners with years of experience in digital transformation to offer courses and qualifications for the UK and international finance sector.

The 2019 Mobile Commerce Conference took place in Karachi, Pakistan on April 18. Rob joined as Conference chair and keynote speaker, addressing Global Digital Transformation Trends in the Finance Service sector.

Rob has just completed his role as Course Leader for the 12-week Digital Marketing Strategy program run by Emeritus. With a total of 400 participants from more than 30 different countries, the class explored key features of successful Digital Marketing through a deep dive of some of the world's most influential companies. We discussed the impact of customer journey mapping, various styles of customer service, and interactive campaigns on a global scale, illustrated by businesses of Coca-Cola's size, as well as for for SME.

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Data: A Beginner's Guide

Structured data is the framework upon which the best marketing strategies are built. But are you using it in the best possible way? Hubspot has written a how-to guide that breaks down the formula for structured data, allowing you to speak "a language (markup) that is consistently recognized by search engines and people alike." Through this guide, you can develop a better understanding of your own website and the way it is processed by search engines. Hubspot teaches us some essential "hacks" to increase SEO.

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