Monthly Newsletter: February 2019

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Marketing Strategy in a Mobile World

Rob Thurner sat down with Think with Google to talk about how brands can prioritize mobile in their marketing strategy to deliver the multidimensional, highly personalized digital experiences customers expect today. "Most brands today will claim to be engaging with mobile marketing, but I’m struck by the widening gap between those brands that are actually implementing that transformation, and those that have still not come to grips with it."

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Your Free Guide to Mobile Marketing

Every marketer knows that mobile has rewritten the marketing playbook, but how many have truly transformed their marketing strategies to match? According to Rob Thurner, too few businesses are making the necessary strides to meet consumer expectations for timely, relevant mobile experiences in the moment.

Rob has partnered with Econsultancy to publish a comprehensive report on Mobile Marketing - and we're sharing the miniguide with our subscribers. Click below to download the Econsultancy miniguide for an overview on the current mobile environment and the various channels available to mobile marketers. Interested in the full guide? Let us know.

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Burn The Sky Events

Looking ahead to some exciting partnerships taking place this quarter.


Rob ran a Strategy & Execution workshop for digital marketing and product teams at Mashreq Bank in Dubai rounding out their Executive Education Program.

BTS Partner: ISDI

Back in Madrid, Rob delivered a Digital Advertising and Media workshop for students at the ISDI campus as a part of their Digital MBA curriculum.

BTS Partner: Eruditus

Rob visited Cairo to deliver a Digital Transformation keynote to the Exec Committee at Etisalat to kick off their 12 month Executive Leadership Program.

BTS Partner: New Metrics, Oman

We welcome the award-winning Omantel team to London for a digital discovery mission which will include workshops and demos from our friends at Google, This Place and Inition.

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