As customers and retailers look across all touchpoints rather than siloed channels, so IR retailer reviews look at the entire retailer’s eco-system of website, mobile, the use of digital in store and their overall strategy. Longer in-depth analysis can be viewed online at www.internetretailing.net. This issue our reviewers examine BHS.com.

MOBILE Rob Thurner, Managing Partner, Burn The Sky

Overall, the BHS website works well on mobile, achieving a score of 16 out of a possible 25 and 5/5 for a smooth and efficient payment and checkout process. Page load time is pretty good and the site is generally easy to navigate, providing a mostly effective and efficient customer journey. Good use of paid search promotes 30% and 20% discounts, taking me to the relevant landing pages. The social media links all direct to BHS sites quickly, as does the click to call link to customer service.

A few areas could do with improving, including the ‘refine button’ on search results which brings up the wrong colour images for black jackets – this will be an issue for customers expecting speed of service and ease of use and possibly lost sales for the company.

While BHS is active on all large social media platforms with accounts well managed by the BHS team, there is a lot of visually rich and well-presented editorial content in categories which only appear available on the social media accounts, e.g. Instagram but not on the website. Better co-ordinating the company website with their social media presence should be a key priority for BHS, both in terms of displayed content, but also as a market intelligence source.

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