As customers and retailers look across all touchpoints rather than siloed channels, so IR retailer reviews look at the entire retailer’s eco-system of website, mobile, the use of digital in store and their overall strategy. Longer in depth analysis of the four areas can be viewed online at www.internetretailing.net. This issue our reviewers examine Aldi Wine.

MOBILE 15/25 Rob Thurner, Managing Partner, Burn The Sky

One of Aldi’s founding principles is its basic store layout and this approach is extended to its online presence. Although its branded app has no ecommerce functionality the company has invested in a mobile-optimised site and I’m impressed by the ease of the user experience. Overall functionality is excellent and the user journey is clean and clear.

A search bar pops up quickly on the homepage, or users can access the wine section using the key navigation tool – an expandable ‘hamburger’ menu icon, which sits top left of the home screen. This ease of navigation and overall site simplicity is testament to the brand’s understanding of its consumer – predominantly non-digital natives – who value function over fuss when purchasing online. Wine is the first product category to launch and groceries are also planned. It will be interesting to see whether/how the site UX changes when catering for the grocery consumer.

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