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As customers and retailers look across all touchpoints rather than siloed channels, so IR retailer reviews look at the entire retailer’s eco-system of website, mobile, the use of digital in store and their overall strategy. Longer in-depth analysis of the four areas can be viewed online at www.internetretailing.net. This issue our reviewers examine HMV.

MOBILE 9/25 Rob Thurner, Managing Partner, Burn The Sky

Three months after HMV went into administration, restructuring company Hilco bought 144 of the shops. The entertainment brand went on to record £16.7m in operating profit between January 29 and December 28, 2013. More recently, HMV regained its crown as the UK’s top music retailer from Amazon.

From a digital perspective, since its restructuring the entertainment retailer has:

> Overhauled the editorial-led HMV.com responsive website, including loyalty scheme purehmv;

> Launched music download service HMVDigital.com and accompanying app HMV Music in a bid to go toe-to-toe with iTunes;

> Relaunched its ecommerce site Store.HMV.com following a two-year hiatus.

Today there’s integration between HMV’s various digital offerings – though a ropey user experience makes it feel like a work in progress. Given the retailer’s other achievements over the last three years, perhaps that’s unsurprising.

HMV has done an admirable job in turning its fortunes around since its early-2013 troubles, but the chain’s various mobile offerings have a way to go before troubling the digital big boys. Just for starters, our priority list would include additional integration, a UX rethink, design continuity and some ecommerce TLC.

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