As customers and retailers look across all touchpoints rather than siloed channels, so IR retailer reviews look at the entire retailer’s eco-system of website, mobile, the use of digital in store and their overall strategy. Longer in-depth analysis of the four areas can be viewed online at www.internetretailing.net. This issue our reviewers examine Tesco.

MOBILE 19/25 Rob Thurner, Managing Partner, Burn The Sky

After nosying around both the Tesco mobile website and the Tesco Groceries app for Android, we’re confident the retailer’s digital offering is still in order. It delivered continuity – with items in our shopping basket accessible across both digital channels – Clubcard integration, cross-device UX consistency and even a barcode scanner. So, despite Tesco’s recent troubles, the grocer continues to lead the pack when it comes to mobile website experience. However, it’s not yet gold stars all around; the app layout at sub-category level feels like it would benefit from some TLC – every little helps.

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