KPIs and Tools for optimising mobile marketing results

As mobile marketers get to grips with planning activity and budgets for 2014, this post takes a look at using tracking and analytics tools to optimize your mobile investment and performance.

Consumers expect and demand an exceptional user experience on their mobile and tablets, competition for their attention and loyalty intensifies, and your internal stakeholders will be looking to maximize their investment in mobile.

A structured approach to tracking and analytics provides three core business benefits which will help justify your mobile investment.

1. Conversion Rate Optimisation

Your #1 priority must be converting traffic to your mobile site or downloads of your app to delivering key goals - such as generating leads, quotes, bookings or sales.

2. UX improvements

Use customer journey tracking to identify the best / worst performing pages on our site or apps. Focus on pages which experience high drop off (eg registration, check-out).

3. Better informed segmentation

Tracking on site and in app activity allows you to capture data to update segmentation profiles, confirm Life Time Value records, and to assist with cross-selling other products.

What to track as a mobile marketer?

Let’s break this into two stages: upstream (i.e. drivers of traffic) and on-site / in-app (i.e. post acquisition)


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