Success stories

We listen carefully to feedback from our clients to understand what they like, and what needs to be improved.  This helps us fine tune the workshops and webinars we run for others.
Here are a few examples of comments from recent clients.  

Please get in contact to ask them about their learning experiences with Burn the Sky.

Just had an exchange with the team in Dubai who all participated in the digital training this week. Overall they loved it, found it insightful, useful and stimulating. Very well facilitated and would like to do more.  Thank you for putting together, really helps the team.

Philip Mehl

Head of Marketing, Retail Banking & Wealth Management



This is one of the best workshops I've attended. The facilitator was very knowledgeable not only in digital but across all marketing aspects. I would definitely recommended Burn the Sky for the interactivity and flexibility of its courses.

Saad Sraj

Founder & CEO    

iMetric Digital

Saudi Arabia

I had the pleasure to work with Rob in a Google Masterclass and it has been one of the best sessions I've attended. His attention to the details, his energy to keep the level of participation of the group up and his capacity of understanding the advertiser's needs made the session a complete success. I highly recommend to work with such an enthusiastic and professional facilitator!

Sara Rubio Fernandez

Global Account Executive    


A hugely popular course with the team. Highly engaging and more importantly, immediately actionable

Caroline Gammage

EVP Brand Agency

Saatchi & Saatchi


This is the best course I've been on. Really informative-engaging way to look at mobile strategy. I've learnt a lot and the info was well shared! The structure of the day was very good.

Cecelia Adjei

International Tourism Marketing



For training on digital strategy, tools and surviving the ever-evolving digital marketplace, Burn the Sky's workshop was one of the most powerful I have experienced. Rob not only knows his stuff, but is able to deliver cutting edge training due to his ongoing work with some of the world's largest organisations. This level of corporate involvement backed up with his strategic and hands-on expertise distinguishes him as someone to listen to and learn from.

Claire Cooke

Digital Content & Experience Manager

Etihad Airways


I had the pleasure of attending Burn the Sky's highly informative digital marketing workshop. Rob's enthusiasm for his participants' success was vital in bringing theory to real-world practice.

David Pan

Director of Product Marketing



Rob was the speaker at a Mobile Marketing course I attended. It was extremely useful and broadened my knowledge of mobile marketing and of all the opportunities it can provide. I used the learnings I gained from that course and adopted his knowledgeable recommendations in the projects I have been managing.

Flavia Trifogli

Senior Commercial Transformation Manager



Great knowledge and energy management. Very interactive and planned the session to the tee. Very engaging, kept me interested in topics and got me thinking about relevance in my company. Fantastic facilitator and trainer. Great at making everyone feel part of the discussion.

Giles Jepson




I met Rob at a Google workshop and it was by far one of the best trainings I’ve participated in. His way of explaining concepts and technologies, his analogies with real life situations and his sense of humour were very helpful to understand the universe of Programmatic. Easy to talk to and with a really engaging attitude even after a good 6-hour workshop, Rob raised the bar for fellow trainers:)

Ioana Samoilă

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist



'Mobile Usability and UX' was a great course. I came away with a long list of actions that I am looking forward to testing.

Michael Horrocks

Head of Organic Growth    



We had the pleasure of using Rob for our Executive Management Team strategy days in Abu Dhabi. Despite the challenging diversity of team members he managed to get us through the 3 days in a structured manner achieving both individual and group objectives. Rob adjusted well to the pace of the team, was able to rewind when needed and to then approach subjects differently with a successful outcome. He has my full recommendations.

Mikael Balslev

Director of Security    

Sky News Arabia


Burn the Sky's workshop helped us understand the basic concepts of the online and mobile market, key strategies and best in class mobile campaign cases. It was customised to the Company’s business needs with a tactical and business execution orientation which resulted in tangible ideas for our real business needs. It will be great to have additional training in 6 or 12 months because the online market is changing very fast every day.

Agustin Quiroga

Acquisition Director, Customer Cards

American Express


Eye opening session on the importance of developing Digital Marketing for Faysal Bank. Key lessons learnt include Customer Journey Mapping.

Amer Zahid

VP, Channel Manager, E-Banking

Faysal Bank


Great trainer. Found the course to be succinct and insightful with a good balance of group work and presentation. Excellent qualified speaker with a lot of experience to share. Great tips which can be put into practice for our business.

Anusha Segaren

Head of Marketing
Fitness First & Celebrity Fitness